Dr. Benz of Alpha Medical Clinic on Staying Ahead of the Curve
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Dr. Benz of Alpha Medical Clinic on Staying Ahead of the Curve

Jun 06, 2023

Dr. Natthapat "Benz" Minchaiynunt is the charismatic founder of the Alpha Medical Clinic, which is recognised as Thailand's largest private aesthetic clinic.

Offering a wide range of detailed treatments and procedures carried out using only the best equipment available globally, the clinic has become a household name because of its high standards of safety and efficacy, which has led to clients returning again and again.

In this exclusive video, Dr. Benz discusses the advantages of one of this year's most trending treatments – Thermage, which is a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy that can help to smoothen and tighten the skin for a younger appearance.

As someone who holds triple American Board certifications in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), Laser Surgery (ABLS) and a Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM), it is no surprise that Dr. Benz has become the go-to specialist for many Thais looking to improve their overall appearance.

As he puts it: "Many things brought us to where we are today, including our philosophy, knowledge and world-class techniques adapted from top professors around the world."

As someone who has specialised in Thermage for over seven years, from the original CPT to the current, more advanced FLX machine, Dr. Benz explains that the therapy has grown in popularity due to its non-invasive nature.

Instead of going under the knife, patients can now opt to use radiofrequency waves (RF) to penetrate the skin's surface. Thermage works by applying heat to the deepest layers of the skin that are the richest in collagen, which then aids with tightening and contouring the skin overall.

To ensure efficacy, the clinic takes a holistic approach, prioritising every step of the treatment process instead of just the Thermage procedure itself.

As Dr. Benz explains, "We want our patients to get the results they want after a visit to the Alpha Medical Clinic. Therefore, our process begins with an in-depth consultation process and ends with an evaluation. Our clinic boasts technology we can utilise to look under the skin, so we can evaluate root problems and come up with personalised, tailor-made solutions."

Although one might think that Thermage is only fit for those who are beginning to age, it is actually a therapy that offers benefits for people of all ages. People in their 20s can benefit if they have puffier or rounded cheeks as Thermage can help even out the face, while people in their 30s can benefit from the procedure as it can help tighten areas that are showing early signs of sagging.

Dr. Benz also explains that the clinic has perfected its own way of carrying out Thermage that begins with a 3D scan of the face, which is then followed with a consultation about problem areas and what the patient wants to focus on. Then an ultrasound device is used to evaluate all the skin barriers so that the aestheticians have a clear understanding of what needs to be targeted.

This holistic, patient-foward approach goes beyond just Thermage and applies to all of Alpha Medical Clinic's services, forming the foundation as to why the clinic continues to be so successful.

For more information about Dr. Benz and Alpha Medical Clinic, click here.

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Dr. Natthapat "Benz" Minchaiynunt of Alpha Medical Clinic on Staying Ahead of the Curve in Thailand's Aesthetics Industry