Face roller benefits, myths, and how to use them
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Face roller benefits, myths, and how to use them

Apr 07, 2023

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Face rollers are popular tools people use for skin care. Some evidence suggests they may boost the circulation, temporarily tighten the skin, and reduce puffiness.

Many face rollers consist of crystal, such as jade or quartz. They have a handle with a smooth roller at one end. Some have rollers at both ends of the handle, with one bigger and one smaller.

This article will look at what face rollers are, their potential benefits, and myths. It will also explain how to use them.

Face rollers are tools that some people use to massage the face. They often have a smooth, cool surface and are available in a variety of materials, such as:

Some of these materials are more durable than others. For example, crystal can chip or crack over time.

A person uses a face roller by holding the handle and rolling the massage head over their skin.

People claim that face rollers have a variety of benefits for the skin and a person's overall well-being. While there is not much scientific evidence for the benefits of using face rollers, limited evidence suggests they may:

Here is what the research says about face rollers and their benefits.

According to a small 2018 study, using a roller to massage the face can increase blood circulation in the face.

The study looked at how short- and long-term massage treatments affected circulation. After one 5 minute massage with a face roller, researchers noted increased blood flow to the immediate area. After 5 weeks of regular facial massage, they recorded increased vasodilation in response to heat.

This suggests that regular massage could improve circulation overall.

Some people use face rollers to reduce puffiness, particularly around the eyes. Puffiness in the face often occurs due to fluid collecting in certain areas. By massaging the face, it may be possible to disperse this fluid.

Chilling a face roller in the refrigerator may enhance this effect, reducing under-eye puffiness and temporarily making loose skin appear tauter. Cold face rollers may also reduce the appearance of pores.

However, this effect will wear off once the skin warms up again.

There is limited evidence that facial massage may help to boost a person's mood.

An older 2008 study found that a 45-minute facial massage activated the sympathetic nervous system and improved mood scores in 32 women with no health conditions.

As the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for alertness, the researchers suggested that facial massage can help someone feel refreshed.

It is worth noting that this study does not specify the use of a face roller or similar device, so the experience for people using these tools may be different.

There may be a link between regular facial massage and firmer skin. A 2017 laboratory study found that massaging skin tissue for 1 minute twice a day increased levels of proteins in that tissue after 10 days, compared to skin that did not receive this treatment.

The same researchers also tested a massage device on 20 women for 8 weeks. One group applied an antiaging cream and used the device daily, while another group only used the cream.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that visible wrinkles had improved more in the group that used the massage device.

In addition to these potential benefits, face rollers can be a practical tool for applying products to the face, reducing the need to touch the face with fingers. They may also encourage people to relax and take care of themselves, which could have a psychological benefit.

All of the research on face rollers and massage is currently limited to small studies with a low number of participants. As such, scientists need to carry out more research to verify these results.

Some of the claims surrounding face rollers are myths. Be wary of companies that claim their face rollers can:

If someone wants to try using a face roller, they can incorporate it into their skin care routine. People may find it beneficial to use a face roller after cleansing in the evening, allowing them to relax with clean skin.

To use a face roller, follow these steps:

Some people may wish to chill their face roller in the refrigerator and use it in the morning for a more refreshing face massage. This may reduce puffiness after sleeping and help someone feel more awake.

With proper use, it is safe to use a face roller every day. The limited evidence on face rollers and facial massage suggests that regular use is more likely to achieve results.

While the benefits of using a face roller are not well-researched, massaging the face can be soothing and may help improve blood flow in the face.

Face rollers cannot help someone lose weight or permanently slim their face. However, their cool surface may help reduce puffiness and temporarily give the skin a more taut appearance.

It is a good idea to use face rollers on clean skin alongside a product that can lubricate the skin's surface. Clean the roller after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

There is a selection of face rollers available for purchase online:

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