Island Boys’ Franky Venegas' Ex
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Island Boys’ Franky Venegas' Ex

Jul 31, 2023

Franky Venegas, one of the twins from the viral Island Boys duo, is about to be a distant and faded memory for his ex-girlfriend ... who's erasing him from her body on the heels of him allegedly getting physical with her.

Franky's ex, Amina, went to Bad Habits Tattoos & Laser Tattoo Removal in Fort Lauderdale this week. Owner Liz Chaviano tells TMZ, it was the first of many sessions to scrub Amina's tattoos of Franky.

We're told she has a total of 3 ink pieces in honor of Kodiyakredd -- Franky's Island Boys alias -- a tattoo of his face on her neck, his name across her chest and another on her wrist.

Liz says the whole process can take up to a year and a half, depending on how deep the ink's been absorbed into the skin.

Interestingly, she says they seem to be so badly done, their removal could go pretty quickly. One removal session is done every 6 weeks.

As we reported, Franky was arrested for domestic battery after Amina told cops they got into an argument on Saturday by the pool of their Airbnb in Pompano Beach. She claims he slapped her and pushed her into the water after she threatened to break things off with him.

You'll recall, he later posted a vid outside the jail ... letting folks know he was released from police custody.

Kodiyakredd and his twin bro Flyysoulja found Internet stardom back in 2021, after releasing their horribly catchy song, "I'm An Island Boy" ... emphasis on horribly.

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