Fat Freezing Takes The Hot Seat In 2021
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Fat Freezing Takes The Hot Seat In 2021

Mar 23, 2023

The health and beauty industry is known for its fast moving trends and innovations and, after almost two years of home beauty treatments and Joe Wicks on TV, we’re all ready to get back out there to find out what's new.

The fitness industry has had a particularly hard time during the pandemic and, a great many people are now emerging from the COVID-19 restrictions feeling overweight and out of shape. The US diet industry is worth a staggering $70 billion per year and, customers are always looking for the next big thing to help them to drop a few pounds and get back to their optimum shape and fitness.

While gyms and leisure centers are now open again for business, lots of customers are looking for faster and more pronounced results and, an emerging trend for 2021 is fat freezing.

Also known as cryogenic lipolysis, fat freezing is a targeted treatment which involves placing cooling paddles onto the area to suction skin and crystallize fat cells. Popular with a number of celebrities, including Gemma Collins, Khloe Kardashian and Ferne McCann, fat freezing can be used on a number of problem areas including the tummy, the back and the belly. Treatments usually take around two hours and, for the best results, repeat appointments may be necessary in order to gain significant results.

The concept of fat freezing as a beauty treatment originated from research into frostbite, during which it was discovered that fat freezes more quickly than skin does. Popular due to the fact that it's much less invasive than liposuction, fat cells are frozen in order to reduce them and, the treatment is ideal for removing stubborn fat such as spare tires and ‘bra bulge’.

"You get mild fat reduction – a slightly improved waistline, less bulging of any particular area that's concerning. When you lose what's spilling over the top of your pants or your bra, it counts". Jeannel Astarita, Coolsculpting Guru

Pricing for fat freezing starts at around $820 for the belly and abdomen areas and around $675 for facial areas such as the chin.

As fat freezing becomes more popular with customers, salons are battling to keep up with increased demand. As the time required for fat freezing is somewhat longer than that of other treatments, some salon owners are struggling to meet demand while keeping their premises safe and their customers adequately distanced. With fierce competition – and one eye on the bottom line – salon owners are turning to technology like Booksy to better help them to manage appointments, and their businesses.

Booksy is an appointment scheduling system with a difference. Powered by artificial intelligence, Booksy's smart scheduling and intelligent features help salon owners to get the most out of their time and space in order to improve profits while keeping their premises safe. A full management system for salons, Booksy's features include:

Customers are able to access Booksy either online through an app which allows them to make and manage their own appointments – including cancellations – with their salons. The system is also able to manage appointments more efficiently based on previous visits, so that salons can accommodate as many customers as possible while keeping the premises safe.

In a post-pandemic world, cash is out of fashion – as is the handling of cards by receptionists. Booksy solves the cash conundrum by offering online / through the app payments for treatments, allowing customers to simply pop onto the app and settle their bill. Additionally, salons can set themselves up to accept prepayment for treatments – which can be a lifesaver in minimizing the number of no-shows which tend to take bites out of their profits.

With any relatively new treatments like fat freezing, salon owners have their work cut out for them when it comes to getting word around about their new offerings. The Booksy business package includes lots of handy marketing features to help salons to spread their message far and wide in terms of promoting new treatments.

While treatments are the bread and butter for salons, the sale of products can be a handy little earner – particularly after periods of lockdown. Although salons have traditionally displayed these products on shelves on the premises for viewing by customers, in 2021, many owners – quite rightly – have concerns regarding the multiple handling of these lotions and potions. Booksy offers an alternative solution by allowing salons to market and sell products directly through the app for collection or delivery; thereby limiting contact while presenting new upsell opportunities.

As we emerge, blinking, into the sunshine of a post-pandemic world, it's natural that our thoughts will turn to getting in shape for that staycation or return to the office and, fat freezing is a quick and hassle free way of losing those few extra pounds. For salon owners, Booksy is the answer when it comes to intelligently managing appointments and taking advantage of a number of tools to help their businesses to grow as they help customers to slim down.