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Here's How to Achieve an Impressive No

May 29, 2023

In an effort to achieve that elusive no-make-up look, we indulged in a treatment plan at King Qualia's beauty centre in the heart of Central.

We all know that donning a make-up-free face with naturally bright healthy skin is more desirable than getting our hands on any high-end make-up or skincare products. Itʼs the ultimate status quo telling the world youʼve cracked the code with perfectly balanced diet and sleep regimens equipped with a perfectly devised skincare routine.

If, like me, youʼre struggling to get to the promised land of flawless skin some of the lucky ones have discovered, perhaps King Qualia, a beauty centre in the heart of Central, could answer some of your prayers with its state-of-the-art beauty-treatment offerings.

From decelerating the effects of ageing to tackling problems like acne and hyper-pigmentation, King Qualia's comprehensive range of treatments and non-invasive procedures provides a one-stop-shop experience to relieve you of all skin-related concerns. Treatments such as Thermage, Fotona 4D Pro, EMsculpt, Ultherapy, Exilis 360, PicoWay and Stellar M22 work individually or together to keep us looking youthful and in good physical shape through tightening and lifting the skin, reducing visible lines and cellulite on the face and body, and even increasing collagen levels to help us looking like we’re ageing backwards. All machines and equipment used at the beauty centre are US FDA and CE approved.

Every treatment course is tailor-made according to the client's needs. In my case, yearning to achieve the "no-makeup" make-up look everyone dreams of, the professional and attentive staff introduced me to Stellar M22 and PicoWay. Both machines deliver non-invasive treatments that tackle skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, enlarged pores, age spots and scarring. M22 is a modular system that delivers results mainly through intense pulsed-light therapy. With four technologies in one platform, the machine uses a gentle holistic approach to improve skin texture and can treat more than 30 skin conditions. PicoWay, on the other hand, is a laser system that distributes high peak power and ultra- short pulse durations for a photo-acoustic effect. Its comparatively more targeted methods treat benign pigmented lesions with 50 percent clearance after two treatments. At King Qualia, your beauty therapist will design your treatment plan using both machines to achieve optimal results. Only one monthly visit is required with, on average, four to six visits comprising a full course of treatment.

Between each visit it's important to maintain the skin in a healthy condition, which is easily achieved thanks to King Qualia's own skincare line, KQ clinical. The products to note are the HA Intensive Serum, the CEF Brightening Serum and the SunScreen PA++. All products are fragrance- and preservative-free, with gentle application suitable for the eyes, lips and neck. HA Intensive Serum is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid gel enhanced with vitamins B3 and B5, and peptides. The unique combination enhances skin moisture, mitigates fine lines and dry skin, and is a good hydrator for oily or combination complexions. The CEF Brightening Serum, packed full of antioxidants, is a silky vitamin C formula that protects against environmental stressors, neutralises free radicals and brightens the overall look of the skin. Unlike many topical vitamin C products containing harsh solvents, which leave a sticky film on the skin, the KQ clinical serum is solvent-free with a cosmetically elegant formula. The SunScreen PA++, a combination of micronised Titanium and Zinc oxides, is the adversary to greasy and sticky sunblocks. Itʼs mousse-like to the touch and leaves a silky and matte finish, creating the perfect base for your make-up. It also comes in a tinted version for those wanting light coverage on the face without wearing an extra layer of foundation.

After a visit to King Qualia, Iʼve learned that the road to bright and healthy skin isn't so long, bumpy and winding after all. All it takes is getting pampered once a month by King Qualiaʼs beauty therapists and making sure my skin stays moisturised and away from UV damage between treatments.

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Here's How to Achieve an Impressive No-Make-Up Look With King Qualia's Treatments