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Meet Dr. Natthapat "Benz" Minchaiynunt of Alpha Medical Clinic

Apr 29, 2023

Dr. Natthapat "Benz" Minchaiynunt from Alpha Medical Clinic on his vision for the future of aesthetic services, mastering the PICO Laser, and offering clients nothing but the very best.

Known for impeccably precise treatments and top-of-the-line equipment, a visit to Alpha Medical Clinic — Thailand's largest private aesthetic clinic — is unlike any other. Advanced technologies provide the highest standards of safety and quality, while welcoming VIP private rooms make the space reminiscent of a luxury hotel.

The true highlight, however, is the founder himself: Thailand's first and only specialist with triple American Board certifications – in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), and Laser Surgery (ABLS) and a Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) – Dr. Natthapat "Benz" Minchaiynunt. He is the most popular go-to specialist in Thailand for Picosecond Laser, with more than 500 patients a month coming only for this specific treatment. Prominent society faces book weeks ahead to be treated by him personally, and the clinic is ranked among Thailand's top clinics for fillers.

"Many things brought us to where we are today," Dr. Benz notes, "our philosophy, knowledge and world-class techniques adapted from top professors around the world." He confesses that Alpha Medical Clinic was initially built for him to share his expertise with close friends and family, but over time he felt an ethical responsibility to open it to the public.

"We started by inviting people we knew," he explains, "they got much better results compared to other clinics, started referring us to one another through word of mouth, and that's how we grew. It really boils down to providing the best result for your clients."

In this case, "the best" is almost an understatement. Alpha Medical Clinic is home to some of the most advanced aesthetic equipment on the market, such as the Discovery Pico Laser 1.8GW. Very few of these machines exist in Thailand, as most hospitals and clinics use Discovery Pico Derm (Start) 1.3GW (which has less peak power and pulse energy), Thermage FLX, Thermage CPT, Ulthera SPT and other lasers.

Treatment plans are personalised to individual needs, identified through detailed consultations and a 3D augmented reality (AR) machine, which can scan under the inner skin (areas that are impossible for a general practitioner to be able to see). "We are able to utilise all laser machines to their fullest potential. At such high power usage, with the special technique and technology we have, it is completely safe for the skin, with no side effects, and that also reduces the number of treatment sessions required," Dr. Benz explains. "We also use it to simulate facial reshaping, whether it's Thermage to reduce the cheek width by specific millimeters, or to lift the facial skin using Ulthera treatments."

While it's common in Thailand to visit an aesthetic clinic with specific treatments in mind, a large part of Dr. Benz's role is advising his patients on the ideal course of action, which is not necessarily what they book an appointment for. "Not every treatment is going to be the right one for you. My job is to make sure your face is suitable for a specific procedure, and that it will help you get the results you’re looking for – whether with laser, a face lift, or injections that are the most effective and safest."

Although advanced technology is central to Alpha Medical Clinic, Dr. Benz believes knowledge and expertise is what sets it apart. "My expertise is my technique, which I gained through research, and combining what I’ve learned from industry experts abroad. Aside from having the best technology, knowing how to use it, and which parameters to set, are just as important."

Such techniques range from a scab-free tattoo removal approach, to special methods for healing acne scars. Dr. Benz refers to this as "combi- RF", where Pico Laser and Thermage are combined to effectively remove scarring, and smoothen the skin.

"Picosecond Lasers are good for treating acne scars. Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that stimulates collagen production, lifting and changing your face structure. Combined, you can remove pimples, while evening out the skin."

The Pico Laser remains Alpha Medical Clinic's top treatment, with Dr. Benz as the clinic's laser expert. "Pico Laser is the ‘God of Skin Lasers’ amongst industry insiders," he remarks. "If you know how to utilise its full potential, it can do anything, from reducing wrinkles, to removing melasma, freckles or stretch marks, and brightening your skin. Whatever the objective of our patients are – a smooth skin without pores, or a clear skin – our Pico laser is the answer."

His expertise makes Alpha Medical Clinic one of the only places where clients can enjoy visible, long-lasting results without side effects. "Doctors are usually wary of administering heavier treatments because they’re worried about side effect such as melasma and PIH. However, I have a special technique that doesn't stimulate PIH and other side effects.

Today, Dr. Benz and his team of specialists continue raising the bar for aesthetic and laser services in Thailand, debunking misconceptions and providing clients with superior service. "There are a lot of misunderstandings in this industry," he says. "For example, people usually think that any doctor should be a filler and laser expert, but this is not true. Doctors who inject fillers or perform good laser therapies should be specialists very well trained in this field. Other countries, like the USA, have specific boards for Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Laser Surgery. We don't have such certification in Thailand yet, but I’m hoping that changes soon."

When asked about his future goals, Dr. Benz shares his plan to expand into cosmetic surgery and other departments. "As with Alpha Medical Clinic, I want to ensure that everything we offer is of superior quality and well rounded."

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