10 Best Detox Juice Recipes for Weight Loss
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10 Best Detox Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Nov 06, 2023

These detox juice recipes are perfect for the holiday season or anytime you feel like you’ve overdone it on delicious food and drink!

If you overindulged on turkey, stuffing, and cocktails, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite drink.

These magical elixirs allow you to obtain a high amount of nutrients in one sitting.

If you’re worried that detox juices mean chugging back blended spinach, think again.

This list of detox juice recipes prove that you don't have to compromise on flavor when creating a healthy, vitamin-packed drink.

If you turn your nose at the idea of drinking celery juice, allow this recipe to change your mind.

By combining the savory juice with apple, cucumber, and ginger, you’re able to create an insanely refreshing bevy.

You’ll love tossing back this concoction first thing in the morning or after a workout for a rejuvenating sipper.

Trust me, after tasting this sweet drink, you’ll have a hard time knowing it's secretly super healthy.

If you’re worried about drinking your calories when it comes to juice recipes, I have good news for you.

This recipe uses a 3:1 veggie-to-fruit ratio to avoid skyrocketing your blood sugar.

That way, you can still enjoy a pleasant flavor without overloading on sweetness and calories.

Best of all, this detox juice recipe is a nutritional powerhouse in a glass.

You’ll appreciate that each serving provides you with high folate and beta-carotene content.

​​This natural sweet juice is about to become your new favorite drink.

You might be wondering why?

That's because every serving is high in iron, Vitamin C, and essential minerals, making it perfect for maintaining your health.

There's also no added sugar since you sweeten the juice using green apples.

You’ll appreciate the mild flavor that tastes subtly sweet and herbal.

If you want to start your morning right, ditch the coffee and try this recipe instead.

Downing this green elixir will definitely fuel you up for the busy day ahead.

This anti-inflammatory bevy is about to become your new afternoon staple.

We’ve all been there. It's 2 pm, you have an afternoon full of meetings, and time could not be moving slower.

After downing a class of this detox juice, you get the perfect energy boost to crush your afternoon tasks.

Not only is this recipe energizing, but it's made with ingredients that help promote weight loss.

The combination of ginger, parsley, and cucumbers create a concoction that increases your metabolism.

If you’re worried that you’re going to have to choke back this juice, don't fret.

The pineapple adds a lovely touch of tropical flavor that's not excessively sweet.

You can thank the apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and cayenne pepper for making this one unforgettable detox drink.

You might not enjoy the process, but once you learn about the health benefits, you’ll be slurping back this juice every sunrise.

Apple cider vinegar helps lower blood sugar levels and turmeric has many anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon water and cayenne pepper help improve digestion while boosting your energy.

This elixir will power up your Monday mornings, giving you the fuel you need to face whatever obstacles are ahead.

If you never thought to combine pineapple and ginger before, let me be the first to recommend this unique duo.

You’ll love how the sweetness of the yellow fruit blends beautifully with the sharp bite of ginger.

Combined with the zesty lime, your palate is in for one tropical treat.

If you’re craving a citrusy cocktail to accompany your beach dwelling, why not try out this fantastic juice instead?

Every sip tastes like a wave of refreshment on your palate.

Not only is this bevy yummy, but it also contains nutrients that benefit your liver and digestive system.

Trust me, you’ll really love this detox drink recipe.

Don't have a juicer? Not a problem, this carrot juice recipe shows you how to make a vibrant, cleansing drink using a blender.

All you have to do is blend together carrots, ginger, cucumbers, orange, and cinnamon. T

hen, filter it through a mesh bag to remove the gritty texture.

Pour into your favorite glass alongside some ice and lemon juice, et voila!

You have a nutrient-packed bevy that will power you through your day.

And don't worry, you naturally sweeten this elixir using oranges and carrots for a delicious taste that's not overpowering.

If you haven't heard about the health benefits of turmeric, allow me to introduce you to this nutritional powerhouse.

Turmeric is a traditional Indian spice that's anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants.

It's also mild in taste, so you can add it to detox drinks without worrying about overpowering other flavors.

This turmeric tonic contains coconut water, ginger, honey, lemon, and of course, turmeric!

Start your day right by sipping on this tasty tonic. You’ll love the energizing properties of this elixir.

We’ve all heard of strawberry lemonade, now meet your new favorite refreshing duo: cilantro lemonade!

There's so much zingy refreshment in every sip.

If you’ve worked up a sweat and are looking for that perfect post-workout bevy, you can't go wrong with this drink.

You won't believe how easy it is to make this sweet treat.

Just blend cilantro, lemons, and a dash of sweetener, then pour it through a sleeve to catch the pulp.

In just 5 minutes, you can have this revitalizing detox juice ready for sipping.

Shake up your morning juice with this tasty drink recipe!

It's a great way to bulk up on Vitamin C and get your daily dose of apple cider vinegar.

If your mornings are hectic, this recipe is here to save the day.

All you have to do is pour apple cider vinegar, grapefruit juice, and honey over ice, stir, then enjoy.

Not only does this drink provide you with healthy nutrients, but it also goes easy on the eyes.

I mean, look how pretty it is! Who wouldn't want to be served this striking bevy during a morning breakfast?

The next time you feel like you’ve overindulged, try these detox juice recipes! From celery to cucumber to pineapple, these juices make weight loss a little easier.

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