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ilooda launches hyzer me, a next

Apr 09, 2023

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17 Mar, 2022, 08:00 ET

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SEOUL, South Korea, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Botox, filler are considered to be the latest cosmetic procedures to satisfy people's desire to look younger and more beautiful. As the lifting operation has lately drawn the attention of the world, a leading medical device manufacturer of South Korea named ilooda announced its launching of a new product called hyzer me. ilooda launch its latest innovation hyzer me into lifting the market marking a new era in aesthetic lifting technology.

hyzer me is a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) device delivering 30W of powerful performance. The device offers dual main and precision handpieces and shows elaborate and fast operation by applying ultrasound through its cartridges subdivided into various depths. hyzer me has already been acknowledged around the globe for its safety and efficiency by acquiring Europe's CE mark and national approvals in Indonesia, Thailand, and Russia. hyzer me advantage of reduced pain compared to the conventional HIFU operations and causing no hindrance to everyday life immediately after the operation, this product is expected to become popular among consumers.

The HIFU lifting principle of hyzer me transmits 65~70-degree heat to the SMAS of the skin, creates a thermal coagulation zone, and facilitates the regeneration of elastic fibers like collagen and elastin. The product is well received by both women and men alike because of its simple procedure and instant effects. The exclusive handpiece and cartridge for the eyes enable a more precise procedure, where users can expect improved effects after a single treatment. In addition, the user friendly interface makes for a more convenience for its users, while the product simplified compact design and attractive color options to make it look easy on the eye.

The brand revealed an advertisement video for the "Strengthen Yourself" campaign upon its global launch. "Strengthen Yourself," the value and brand slogan of hyzer me, is expressed by the compelling and lively 3D artwork techniques that are suitable for digital content. With dynamic 3D graphics inspired by the hyzer me logo as the background, the video depicts the bold and liberal characteristics of the MZ generation. The video arouses the interest of viewers by stressing the cheerful sound and movements of the model with a speedy editing style. hyzer me has built its unique tone and manner as a 'bright and trendy brand with strong confidence,' transcending the mechanism applied to existing laser medical devices.

The brand marketing manager of hyzer me explained, "The story of hyzer me will give courage to all people that strive to look young to break boundaries, overcome limitations, and manage a confident life. We hope they will focus on themselves instead of caring too much about how others think of them." The marketing manager, ES Ko stressed that this concept is the true source of hyzer me energy.

Recently, ilooda has been popularizing cosmetic procedures in South Korea by making high-quality products. ilooda grew its presence in the global skin beauty market with a high-frequency micro needle product named SecretRF. The company has stabilized its global positioning by diversifying the product group with various new products, including hyzer me. Ilooda said, "We expect hyzer me to satisfy both medical staff and consumers. We plan to devote all our marketing capabilities to the widespread promotion of this product."

Currently, ilooda exports its products to 67 countries, including U.S., UK, France, Germany, Turkey, and the Middle East countries. With the new products released this year, ilooda will continue to increase the number of target export countries. Detailed information about all ilooda products is available via webinars on the official website.

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